Windy climes

February 4, 2011

Ok, so looking at my photo today you might think that it has absolutely nothing to do with the title of the post.  Right?  Because, after all, the title is about the weather isnt it?  And the photo, well that doesnt seem to match, does it?

Well if that’s what you’re thinking then you’d be wrong.  

Granted this photos doesnt actually show the weather and believe me the winds going on outside at the moment are very real indeed.  You’d almost think we were flying off to Oz as I type!  So what’s the link with the photo?  Well if we were at Hogwarts right now, perhaps you’d be able to hear in the photo what I can actually hear at the moment: the wind swirling & whirling around inside my chimney.  And the photo?  Well that’s the fire at the bottom of my chimney.  Soooooo indirectly & perhaps rather metaphorically, my photo does show you the windy climes that we’re experiencing at the moment.

Best wrap up warm & keep a tight hold of that hat then 😉




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