Thank you

February 6, 2011

Once in a while it’s nice to get thanks from someone.  Two little words can have some a huge impact, whilst being such a simple gesture.  A thank you for something you’ve done or something you’ve said.  And it’s not that you want the person to make a big fuss.  The simple acknowledgement is good enough. No flashy gifts.  No big sentiments.  Just the simple recognition that you’ve been appreciated for something.  Not a big thing really is it?

So why is it that some people find those 2 little words so difficult?  Hmm, maybe it’s a bit like those other 2 little words that some people find so hard to utter & whose mere presence can metaphorically move mountains – I’m sorry.

So anyway, back to my point.  Thank you.  Two little words that mean the world 😀


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