February 14, 2011

Sometimes I just have a flash of inspiration.  A thought strikes me down.  Something I read makes me sit & ponder a moment.  And then, as I start to write, the words just come flooding out of me. My fingers run away with themselves.  Typing without breath.  Constructing sentence after sentence.  Bringing together all my thoughts into one place.

That’s what blogging is for me.

Sometimes I don’t have any ideas & I just sit and wonder “what can I write about today”.  And on days like that, when inspiration is really lacking, I find it hard.  It’s certainly not easy to just pluck an idea out of thin air and so sometimes I find I need some sort of prompting to help me find that idea, that flash of inspiration.

Writing really is cathartic.  Putting things down on paper, or on-screen in this case, really does make you feel good.  It gives you a sense of achievement and accomplishment.  The opportunity to make your own contribution to, effectively, the world, is awesome.

So for as long as I continue to find inspiration in the world around me, in the things I see, the people I meet, the experiences we share and the articles I read, I will continue to blog.  I hope that some of you at least will be inspired, challenged, or even just plain interested in some of these thoughts, and that you’ll continue to read what I have to say.

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