On this day …

February 16, 2011

I guess there’s few people who can have failed to hear about what has happened in Egypt over the past few weeks.  The media was full to overflowing with minute by minute updates on all the latest about the protests in Egypt.  I guess today’s technology and the likes of social media really are playing an important or at least meaningful part in affecting our understanding and awareness of global events.  I’m sure that’s a good thing but I imagine there are others who disagree & would rather be ostriches with their heads stuck in the stand, hiding from the current affairs of the day.  Hmm, perhaps that’s a topic to consider on another occasion.

Even today the media has been covering the story about how the Egyptian protesters protected their antiquities during the events of the last couple of weeks ago.  And so the story continues.

It’s rather ironic then that on this day in history in 1923, another momentous event took place in Egypt.  Although I imagine that this one didn’t receive quite the same level of publicity: on the 16th February 1923 King Tutankhamen’s tomb was opened for the first time.  Howard Carter entered the burial chamber and hence discovered more about Egyptian history.  It’s a fascinating story.  Something many people will have studied at school.  Something worth reading about again. 

I wonder what the media might have made of the event if it had taken place in our current age of social media and 24/7 news bulletins.  I think perhaps the whole story might have taken on a completely new slant.

History has never been my favourite subject but we should never forget where we came from and what we’ve done.

And if you’re wondering about today’s photo, well it was the closest I could get to a pyramid! 😉



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