February 17, 2011

I popped into the supermarket on my way home this evening.  Whilst I was there I decided it might be nice to have some cheese.  I don’t eat much cheese but I thought I’d try something different for tea & cook with cheese.  So, not being a big cheese eater I just wanted to simply pick up a small packet of cheese, pay for it & come home.  Little did I know just how difficult that would be.

My local supermarket isn’t very big.  It only has a few aisles.  But I was amazed at how much cheese there was.  There were shelves full of it. Different types, different colours, different prices.  The choice went on and on and on.  Where on earth should I start in making a decision on what to buy?  I wanted the decision to be simpler.  I didn’t want to have to read loads of packets.  I didn’t want to weigh up the pros and cons.  I didn’t want to think will that type cook better than that one?  Or is that one bland?  Is that one better to cook with?  Will that one go better with chicken?  For goodness sake I’m not a cheese expert.  I just wanted to buy a small block of the stuff!

Perhaps this is symptomatic of the world in which we live.  When we as consumers are becoming more and more demanding and are wanting more and more choice and options.  As we see what other people have, we want that for ourselves.  Is this the way we’re going?  Will we never be satisfied with what we have?

I know people often quote the past as a bad time.  When life was tough.  When people were paid less.  When there wasnt much to go around. But was it really so bad?  I think perhaps life might well have been simpler then.  And perhaps people were happier with their lot & made do with what they had.

Perhaps choice isn’t such a good thing after all?


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