February 18, 2011

As a marketer I find it interesting just how easily brands becoming a part of our lives and sub-consciousness.  After all, how many of us in the UK talk about doing the hoovering?  How about googling something?  We’ve even started adopting brand slogans within our day-to-day lives: “because I’m worth it” “every little counts”.

Take today’s photo, I’m sure I don’t even need to tell you what it is.  I reckon if I told you I was at Costa you’d know just what I went for.  Similarly with other brands and shop names.  Many of them are just adopted into our vocabulary and lifestyles like a duck to water, so to speak!

There’s been talk this week about the issue of product placement – something which is common place on the other side of the Atlantic but which has not been allowed in this country.  But does blocking out the name really make a difference?  If you see a can of Coke with the name hidden, can you not tell that it really is coke?  Hasn’t the brand image already been seeped into your sub-conscious enough for you to recognise it without even seeing the name?

So does it really matter if we watch television dramas and see a bottle of Heinz tomato ketchup on the counter?  Will seeing a brand on television make us rush off down to the supermarket immediately, in search of the product for ourselves?  I guess there might be some people who are easily influenced, who will consider these “must-haves”.  But I think on the whole, that most of us will not even notice the brand names.  After all, they’re already an integrated part of our lives anyway, aren’t they?

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