Throw out the rubbish

February 22, 2011

A skip appeared opposite my house this morning.  A place for the house owners to deposit all the things that they don’t want anymore, the things which aren’t needed, the things which are rubbish and have no place in their lives or their home.

We press delete on our emails.  We throw out household rubbish into our dustbins. We get rid of stuff on a daily basis.  But how often to we spring clean our lives and remove the things in it which is bad, which make us unhappy, which weighs us down?

Perhaps we all need to have our own skip to get rid of all that rubbish in our lives. Not the physical rubbish, but all those things which we carry around with us day in day out.  The things which we can’t let go off.  The things which have a negative effect upon us & which make us look at the world through black black glasses.

What will you throw into your skip today to make your life better?


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