World Book Night

March 5, 2011

Saturday 5th March 2011 was World Book Night and to mark this event one million books were being given away to readers around the UK.  Quite something I must admit.

It made me wonder about books and reading though.  I know of people that never read a book.  People that never pick up those leaves of paper bound together.  There really are people who just dont enjoy reading! :O That is rather shocking dont you think?  It’s not that they are not fans of fiction, or that they dont want to read factual content.  No, they just dont want to read!  Amazing huh?

Ok, so I dont read half as much as I should or would like to.  But that’s more an issue to do with my lack of free time or my bad planning of the free time I do have.  I can spend hours with my head in a book – actually in lots of books – when I’m away on my holidays and I find that reading really is a good way to spend time.  To be able to absorb myself in something else, to learn about other things, or to simply be entertained is priceless.  So World Book Night is a good thing in my opinion as it might just encourage a few more people to pick up a few more pieces of paper and learn about a few more things.

Maybe one day I’ll get around to writing my own novel, but in the meantime I’ve a bookcase full of books to get through and a Kindle full of books as well.

Happy reading people 🙂

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