Hearts & Flowers

February 14, 2012

How is it that a few hearts & flowers can end up making you feel sad & hopeless?

Interesting question, or perhaps not to you but one I often ponder upon at this time of year. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day, again. Unfortunately it comes around every year & it never seems to get any better.  To be honest, it’s one of those day which I would rather just sleep through & be oblivious too. But why? Well it’s those expectations again. The world’s assumption that everyone is happily coupled up & wants to share that day & make it special and that everyone else wants to hear all about it & have it seemingly thrown in their face.

Well it’s not true. Some of us aren’t in that happy situation & we don’t want to be reminded of that fact. We don’t want it to be in the shops for weeks on end beforehand, on the radio, on the tv, all over the net. Just leave it alone, please.

On Pause for Thought on the radio this morning the speaker talked about how she felt like she was walking under a cartoon black cloud on days like today. I wouldnt quite go that far but I would just say, celebrate quietly if you must, but dont make the rest of us feel sad and unhappy on this day of supposed love & happiness.

<Here endeth today’s blogpost as she gets down from her soapbox.>


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