Is silence golden?

February 15, 2012
Sometimes I love that silence between people, when no words are necessary & you’re just happy to be.  Period.  But at other times I really hate it & it feels really awkward & uncomfortable.  I feel like I want to talk.  I want that interaction but I don’t want to force it.  Do you get what I mean?

And I don’t just mean on a face-to-face level.  I’m talking about online communication as well.  In this age of technology and with the numerous communication channels open to us, perhaps this is even more relevant online.

It’s like, if you go up to someone to talk to them & they just turn away and don’t reply, it leaves you feeling somewhat hurt.  I think it’s like that in our online worlds as well.  If we send an email to someone.  If we post on their Facebook wall.  If we “like” a photo or a blog post.  If we send them a text.  If we talk to them via online messenger.  If we communicate in some other way online and ….. nothing!

If we just don’t get a response, t’s like that person is physically turning around & walking away from you. Effectively ignoring you.  Well maybe it’s just me, but that can hurt too.  You can feel like you’re being ignored and that the other person just doesn’t want to know you or perhaps can’t be bothered with what you have to say at that particular point in time.  And maybe sometimes that’s ok but perhaps at other times it isn’t.  You might simply want to talk to someone, about anything at all, just to have someone there to communicate with.  You might want to feel better about something but can’t actually bring yourself to express those words.  So instead you turn to online media because you have a need and are trying to get back something which will help you. Support from a friend?  Encouragement you’re doing the right thing? Acknowledgment that you’re not on your own or forgotten.

Perhaps that’s where technology is letting us down, because the other person can’t see you visibly and so they just don’t get it?  Ok, I might feel that way but they might not even realise that.  They might not see how their unresponsiveness appears.  To them perhaps they missed the initial communication or they didn’t realise its importance or that it warranted a response.  Perhaps if you’d been face-to-face that would not have been the case & they would have seen in your face that something was needed from them?  Hmm.

So is technology helping or hindering communication?  Is it making your life better or worse?  Is this age of increasing communication tools actually improving communication between people?  Are we all too caught up in our own worlds on both sides of that communication to hear what is or isn’t being said?

Is that silence golden & beautiful or does it make you feel lonely and detached?

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