June 17, 2013

Today my work colleagues were told what had happened and since then I have been overwhelmed to receive messages from many of them.  They all expressed their shock at what has happened & were very supportive in their comments to me.  Their words made me feel quite tearful.

I’ve spoken before about the power of words but this was further proof to me just how powerful words can be.  You don’t need to see the person saying them, the written word is just as good.  And on reading words, well it lets you know just what people think.  In this case that was all very positive and I really “feel the love” at the moment.  It’s also been good to know that even though I sometimes thought I was metaphorically fighting a losing battle with some of them, trying to convince them as to the importance of marketing, my world.  On reading their comments I realise that they did appreciate and recognise what I was doing.  That really is praise indeed.

At the moment it seems like there’s a long road ahead but I’m encouraged at the start of that journey by the support and positivity of what are now former colleagues.

Never fail to offer a kind word, a message.  You never know just how powerful those few words might be the recipient.


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