Happy Christmas

December 25, 2013

So it’s just turned midnight so is effectively Christmas Day, 2013, although technically, seeing as I haven’t gone to bed yet it’s really still Christmas Eve in my mind, the eve to the first Christmas without Mum. Wow! Just saying that brings tears to my eyes. How can I possibly celebrate Christmas this year without her? How can I be cheerful and smiling and enjoying all the things of Christmas and the promises it foretells?

Quite honestly, I don’t know.

But I think I think that Mum would want me to carry on with Christmas. She would want me to enjoy the day. She wouldn’t want me to be sad thinking about what could have been or even what should have been, we all know this isn’t what we planned or would choose for Christmas 2013. But I can’t think like that, can I? I need to remember those great Christmasses of the past, those happy times with Mum, those special times and things which she did for me. I need to focus on those as best I can.

I won’t forget you this year Mum, you’ll be close by, in my heart. I hope you’re watching down and that you’ll like what you see and that you’ll know that I love you and I miss you and you are not at all forgotten.

Happy Christmas Mum x


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