New Year blues

January 1, 2014

I know my posts have been quite sad recently but I guess there are times in all our lives when it’s hard to see the happiness and light at the end of the tunnel and I’m going through one of those times right now.

I’ve never been a fan of New Year.  I’ve said in the past how I don’t do resolutions and how I don’t really get New Year.  This year, right now, I’m struggling.  I just can’t foresee a Happy New Year at this moment in time.  I want to be optimistic.  I want to believe that 2014 will be a good year.  That 2014 might even be my year.  But right now, as the clock has struck midnight & 2014 is here, I don’t feel I can be happy and I’m just feeling really sad.  After all, how can it be a Happy New Year without Mum.  I’m really feeling that sense of loss right now.

So forgive me if I’m not partying.  Forgive me if I’m not laughing or even smiling.  Just help me to remember the good times and to remember them without the tears that come when I remember the loss.

I will wish you a blessed new year, one when we might all feel fulfilled and happy in our own lives.


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