January 2, 2014

friendshipThey say that in times of trouble you find out who your friends are. I never realised how true that was before but over the past few months & particular the last few weeks, I’ve been surprised in both good & bad ways by people in my life.

They have been some who have said they are there or who know what I’m going through but haven’t followed through in the way I’d expect & have been almost conspicuous by their absence. Others just vanished from my life weeks, even months ago. They effectively turned the page on me. That makes me sad.

At the other extreme of the spectrum there have been some people who have gone out of their way to be supportive, who’ve checked up on me regularly, reminded me to eat & sleep, told me to be kind to myself, something that I’m only now just beginning to understand. Some friends have pushed aside their own demons & fought through their own pain & fears to support me. I will never forget their kindness.

Someone told me I was being carried on a blanket of prayer. Wow! I think that must be true because I really wouldn’t have got to this point otherwise.

I guess the lesson I’m learning from all this is that true friends & family will always be there for me. If some of them aren’t, then are they truly friends? Do I really want to spend time with them, give energy supporting & worrying about them? I have also learnt how true friends behave and I need to remember that, remember how much their support means to me right now and then in time, remember to pay that forwards to others.

I’m reminded of the words of the song:

When my heart was so broken that I could not pray,
When love wasn’t easy to see.
Someone was there, somebody cared,
Somebody prayed for me.


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