One Word 365

January 10, 2014

You’re probably already bored with me saying I don’t do new year resolutions, but it’s true. So moving on, when I read recently about One Word 365 it challenged me and I decided to sign up to it myself.

For those of you who don’t know what this is about, you can find out more on the One Word website but to summarise what it is:

Choose just one word.
One word that sums up who you want to be or how you want to live. One word that you can focus on every day, all year long.

It will take intentionality and commitment, but if you let it, your one word will shape not only your year, but also you. It will become the compass that directs your decisions and guides your steps.

Well it sounded like a good idea to me and just what I needed.  There was only one problem though, which word should I choose? I was immediately drawn to 3 words: trust, faith and belief. And yes, I do know that these 3 are closely intertwined and are in effect three angles on the same idea.  Perhaps that’s indicative of where I am at the moment in my life. Anyway I thought about the words but quickly came to the conclusion that believe was the one for me and so I’ve been consciously trying to focus on that word for the past 10 days.


I must say at this stage that this has already been a useful experience and it’s actually helped me to get through some difficult moments. Simply the fact of stopping, thinking, taking a deep breath and telling myself to believe has encouraged me and in some ways comforted me. That can only be a good thing, can’t it?

So back to believe. The definition which I found online says:


  1. accept that (something) is true, especially without proof
  2. hold (something) as an opinion, think.
  3. have confidence in (a person or a course of action)

You might ask why have I chosen this word for myself in 2014. Well to be honest there are several reasons:

Firstly I need to believe more in myself. I need to be more confident in who I am and my abilities because these have really taken a knocking in the past few months.

Secondly I want to be able to believe more in other people too. I often find it difficult to trust people and open up to them about what’s really going on in my life and in my head! It takes time for me to reach that point with people, so if you think I’m open with you, then you’re one of a small number of people who know the real me. I want to believe in other people, that there are good people out there and good people in my life and I want to be able to trust and believe in them and what they are saying to me.

Finally I guess I come to the whole faith and belief issue. Recent months have really challenged that area of my life and perhaps I’ve been clinging on with my fingertips? I don’t know. I do know that I need to focus on this side of belief as well in the days ahead and that this will also have an influence on the rest of my life.

So my One Word 365 journey has begun. I’m hoping that by focusing on believing, that my life will be enriched, my life will be challenged and my life will be improved. Time will tell but watch this space for updates on how it’s going and posts about significant events & developments along the way.

How about you? What will your word and focus be in 2014?


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  1. […] I didn’t expect.  Obviously it makes me worry but right now I’m trying to focus on belief, a belief in myself and in my abilities.  A belief that there is something much better out there. […]

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