A symphony of words

February 19, 2014

words1One of my bug bears is incorrect grammar and spelling.  You know the sort of thing “let’s eat Grandma v let’s eat, Grandma” or “eats shoots and leaves“.  I’m particularly fussy when it comes to this sort of thing & I often cringe at the things which are written in our newspapers and even said on the BBC News.  I mean if the BBC can’t get it right …!

Anyway moving on.  Today I came across a great article Grammar Is a Marketer’s Best Friend.  I love it!  It talks about how we shouldn’t “fling more words and punctuation into the online ether in the hopes that some of them will evolve into sentences, paragraphs, blog posts, white papers, and eBooks” we should stop & think and make sure that those words are actually being used effectively and saying the things that they should be saying.

As a marketer, all I can say is here here.

Words shouldn’t complicate our messages, they should enhance them, make things clearer for our target audiences and give them the information that they want and need in a easy to understand way.  It’s a shame that more people don’t pay attention to these simple points.  They shouldn’t be ideals that we all strive for, they should just happen.  Period.

My favourite paragraph in the whole article appears right at the end:

“When words and punctuation are brought together, something magical happens: grammar, yes, but not only grammar. Music. If words and sentences are the notes in the score, punctuation marks are the rests, and the marketer, the marketer whose best friend is grammar, is the director.”

As a advocate on the importance of music in our lives, I love the idea that words are music.  The thought that an article or a book is not simply a collection of words thrown together in any old way but a symphony of words assembled together in a beautiful way for the education, pleasure and perhaps entertainment of the reader is perfect.

I have no words to describe my feelings but I’m humming a tune!


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