Christmas memories

December 26, 2015

The Queen mentioned in her speech this year that it is always hard for someone “celebrating” Christmas the first time after losing a loved one. True.

This year was the third Christmas & it doesn’t seem to get any easier. At times it’s possible to enjoy the day but there are times when it’s just not right, that person should be there, and it’s tough.

Mum wasn’t forgotten today. She was talked about. She was remembered. But she wasn’t there. I have so many memories of so many Christmases, in fact all the ones in my life before three years ago. Memories where she was so poignant, so integral to Christmas. From outting up the tree, decorating the house, writing the cards and even making the Christmas trifle. Nowadays it just seems wrong her not being there for these key moments.

This evening I lit a candle she gave me & I remembered her again. Those happy happy memories of Christmases past will always stay with me. Happy Christmas Mum x


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