When friendships end 

June 30, 2017

I had a strange dream last night. 

I dreamt about someone who used to be a really good friend, someone I was really close to, and with whom I shared thoughts & dreams I’ve never shared with anyone before. I guess it was a unique kind of friendship & it meant a lot to me. Fast forward to today & we’ve not spoken for a couple of years. It’s a shame & I’m disappointed about that, I guess it feels a bit like failure & that mebbe the friendship was one sided. Who knows? All the same I thought I was ok with that & had accepted that they’d moved on & just didn’t have room in their life for me anymore.

So, going back to my dream, well it was one of those nice dreams. Now I’ve never liked the word nice but that’s what it was, nice and comforting & I felt good in my dream & when I woke up too. And that’s when I realised I miss them, despite everything. I’ve had a pretty tough year one way or another & things are difficult at the moment. I guess it’s at times like that that we all need friends & the absence of someone is all the more noticeable. 

But I guess some friends just move on, forget about us & live their lives regardless. That’s a shame. Friends have always been and will always be important to me, not something to just throw away & forget about.  But again, maybe that’s just me?

Miss you! 


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