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Alone in a crowd

June 14, 2015

I watched a discussion on television the other day where they were discussing whether or not it was right for women to remain single or whether we should all strive to get married, because that’s the norm in society. Some of the views expressed annoyed & angered me. At the same time I agree it is the norm and if you’re not married many people look at you differently. Sometimes they don’t actually even look at you at all and it seems not being married makes you a non person. Unfortunately I often find myself feeling like that, particularly at church which is sad. It hurts. I know it’s only silly little things but I feel them, perhaps I’m just too sensitive?

Today I was at a wedding and it happened again. Arriving alone I had to decide where to sit. I found a couple of people outside & tried to tag along but it became clear that that wasn’t what they wanted and I found myself hovering, not knowing what to do. I even asked someone if I could sit next to them but they were saving the seat. I felt very lost. It’s just hard. I guess people in couples just don’t see it. They don’t realise how difficult it can be to arrive on your own & try to fit in. Maybe it comes easily to some people. Unfortunately I’m not one of those people.

So what should I have done? What can I do in situations like that? Maybe I’m feeling it more this week cos it’s been a tough week, one that I’ve really struggled through? I don’t know.

So although I enjoyed my day, I’m now sitting at home, alone, reflecting on things, wishing they’d gone differently. Hopeful that perhaps next time I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Trouble is, I’m just not that optimistic.


Heels (Year in photos 2011)

January 22, 2011

Today’s photo of the day is of a card I saw in the shops today.  I think it just sums it all up for us women.  Men might think the heels are for their benefit but nope, never doubt that they’re for us 😉



Simply their presence

December 16, 2010

Sometimes you just want somebody to be there, to take you in their arms and hold you tight and let you cry.  And just having somebody simply being there, is all it takes.  There don’t have to be any grand gestures or meaningful words, just their presence alone can be enough to make things seem so much better and to make the world seem a little less of a frightening place.

Hmm, so where is somebody when you really need them most? 😦


men are the weaker sex

May 22, 2009

weak_maleOk, so we’ve all known it for sometime now, that women are better able to cope with illness and carry on with their daily lives, without making everyone else around them suffer.  Fact!  No arguments!

Hang on a minute, you might say, that’s just not true.

But I’m afraid it is true.  According to the latest research, women are better able to fight off disease better than men.  Yes, the female of the species is better.  Fact! 🙂

Apparently it’s all to do with hormones.  Yes, those self same hormones which make us feel awful for so many days every month (have you ever worked out just how long that is in a lifetime?!!).  Anyway, in medical terms, oestrogen acts as an enzyme to block the inflammation process hence enabling women to fight back as it were & to actually overcome the illness.

So next time you hear a man complaining that he’s ill, have a little pity.  After all he’s just not built to cope with it, what with males being the weaker, inferior of our sexes! 😉


It’s a cat’s life!

May 12, 2009

Carrying on from a recent post of mine about a lovestruck dolphin check out these rather cute pictures of a budgie badgering a kitten.

Altogether now, awwww 🙂


Mending a broken heart

May 9, 2009

broken_heartHave you had a time in your life when you’ve felt as though the whole world has come crashing down around you?  When everything seems to be going wrong?  When you’ve felt really alone?

And what was the cause of it all?  Perhaps it was because someone had broken your heart.  After all, how many of us haven’t had our hearts broken at one time or another?

Well fear not, because the medical profession now believe that a broken heart is a real medical condition.  They call it “broken heart syndrome” (catchy huh?) and they actually believe that they can treat this condition.  Apparently it’s existed since the 90’s although I myself would’ve thought it had been around since time began.

But fear not, despite the pain, a broken heart really can be treated and even the “critically ill” can make a full recovery. Good news I hear you cry – or perhaps not, don’t we sometimes just want to dwell in our broken heartedness, it makes it feel all the more real that there was something special in the first place!

So, going back to the point, what treatment do they suggest for this summer months condition?  Answer: asprin or heart remedies!  They’re even looking for patients to study with ultrasound.  Hmm …

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face in the crowd

March 27, 2009

face_in_the_crowdThink about this scenario for a minute: you walk into a room full of strangers. You glance around the room to see who is there. You walk over to someone & start up a conversation with them.

Sound familiar?  I’m sure it’s a scenario which we’ve all been in but I have a question about it.  When you glance around that room, how do you choose who you are going to go & talk to?

How do you reach that decision?  What influences it?  Do you know what factors affect your decision, or do you think it’s a subconscious thing?  And if it’s subconscious, how do you know what you look for in people? What criteria do you put on people to decide whether or not they are going to be your friend? What things are you looking for in someone and how do you choose who you are friends with?

Ok, I know that’s quite a list of question & points to think about.  But as ever, there is a reason why I’m asking?

Recently I had a conversation with someone and they asked me precisely these things.  They believe that I must, yes I stress must have a list, some criteria by which I decide who to be friends with.  How else am I going to find a partner?!

Er, I’m sorry, a list of criteria to tick off when choosing friends?!  I’m really not at all happy with that idea and I honestly don’t think I have a master-plan of criteria for choosing my friends.  Do you?

I came away from the conversation feeling quite despondent and a little like a hopeless case!  I don’t think I look for specific things in friends.  My friends are people I can relax and be myself with.  They are not my friends because of x y or z.  I don’t have to analyse people to decide whether I like them, I think perhaps that’s more an instinctive thing and I’m not going to start doing that now.  According to my friend, that means I’ll never find a husband, but I think I’d rather not be quite so calculating a person as to examine & judge people in that way.

I’m happy with myself as I am and I’ve no intention of demeaning such a valuable thing as friendship.

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