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back to the 20s

February 19, 2010

How would you like to go back in time?

When would you choose to go back to?

It’s something I was thinking about recently (long story) & I decided on the 1920s and Paris!  Ok, so I didnt exactly choose that at random, somewhere gave me a list of suggestions & that was the most appealing but the more I think about it, the better it actually sounds.  Perhaps I have the wrong idea about that period of time, but the 1920s makes me think of fun & laughter, a time when life was simpler & more enjoyable, a time of great fashion, fun music, lively theatre.  In fact a time when life was just more exciting & easier!  It was between the wars, so there were none of those atrocities happening, terrorism wasnt a daily fear hanging in the air, people werent so tied up in themselves and in what they could get out of life.  Instead, they spent time with their families and didnt crave the materialism of today.  Certainly sounds good to me.

And Paris?  Well, I love Paris.  My ancestors are from Paris & the opportunity to meet them would be great.  Every time I go to Paris, I wander down those streets admiring the Parisian architecture & imagining my ancestors strolling down those self same streets.  🙂

Ok, so perhaps I’m being too idealistic & just looking at it all through rose tinted glasses.  I’m sure that the people back then had problems of their own, but from this distance, 90 years later, it seems like a pretty good era and location to be living in.  Would I swap it for today?  Hmm, tough one & not really something I can actually do, but oh how I’d love to get in that time machine & go take a sneak peak,. just for a little while ….


the best place to live is …?

November 4, 2009

world-mapok, so the results of the latest survey have just been released and the winner is …..

are you sitting comfortably?
are you ready for this? 
anticipation mounting?

<drum roll>

the winner is … Norway 🙂

Hmm, an interesting choice but one that I really can appreciate – or is that just from my skewed English perspective?  I see Norway as being a very clean country, with intelligent, good-looking people, a high standard of living and beautiful countryside.  And I’ve never even been there – but I really would like to go one day.  I want to see those fjords for myself, to look at those expanses of oh so white snow, to meet the people, to appreciate all that daylight in summertime – although I dont think I’d like the wintery months of darkness I must admit. 

But all in all, Norway’s not a bad choice in my opinion.   What do you think?

(To read what the BBC has to say about this, click here )


The journey back to Bethlehem …

December 15, 2008

maryjoridingIt seems that too much time has passed since my last post. I must’ve been caught up in too much life! But anyway, wanting to correct that, I feel compelled to write about a journey that a BBC Correspondent is undertaking and rather a special journey at that!

The journey is to retrace the footsteps of Mary & Joseph all those years ago, as they set out for Bethlehem. A journey of some 93 miles which tracks across the Middle East through many of those regions you have only ever heard about. It is a journey which must be one of the most re-told travels in our history. Ok, you might not believe in the truths of that journey, but nevertheless you cannot fail to have heard about it, no matter how young or old you are, and no matter of what race or creed. And at this special time of Christmas, it is worth remembering what happened 2000 years ago. This is why I was particularly taken with this particular journey. It brings that “story” up-to-date. Makes is more understandable as I can read about the realities of it. I think it will help me to better understand what happened.

So if you too are fascinated or intrigued by this, keep checking back on the BBC website to read how Aleem is getting on & to catch up with the latest from his journey back to Bethlehem, 2000 years on …


where should I go?

September 4, 2008

I’m planning to go away on holiday in February and am in the process of deciding where to go. I want to go somewhere sunny because let’s face it, summer has been almost non-existant in the UK this year.

So my choices at the moment are Morocco or Tunisia, because I’m told North Africa is a good place to go at that time of year.

Have you been to either? What are they like? Would you recommend them?
Is there anywhere else you think I should be considering?

All comments much appreciated.
Thanks 🙂


Blue skies up above

August 20, 2008

Have you ever just sat & looked up at the sky?  Perhaps you’ve wondered just how far you can see?  Or maybe you’ve studied the clouds & drawn pictures in your mind?

I did that today. 

I just sat outside in one of those open spaces and I looked up.  I sat there & I looked at the sky and the clouds up above me.  And if I’m honest, it looked pretty amazing – that continuous blueness with those little wisps of white cloud breaking up the colour every now and then.  Truly amazing.

And it made me wonder, how often do any of us simply sit and look at the sky and appreciate what is around us, the sheer beauty of creation?

I guess living in Blighty perhaps we dont tend to get those clear skies like I’m looking at right now.  Perhaps it’s only when we’re away, in other countries that we really notice the sky, because it’s so different from what we’re used to?  But I find myself wondering if people living in those “other countries” notice it for themselves?  Do they really appreciate it or is it the norm, just something they expect to be there? Do they take it all for granted?

I think it’s an interesting thought, so please excuse me right now as I’m just going to carry on sitting here, gazing up at the sky and relishing the sights around me.  Aah … 🙂


still on a journey

August 19, 2008

Well so far so good. I’m pleased to say that the journey over here proved very uneventful and in fact, it was all a bit of a breeze, disturbingly so. It was so easy that I was just expecting something to go wrong, because it really couldnt be that simple, could it?

So, faith restored in international travel, here I am again, sitting in another airport, in another city, waiting for another flight, in another country. And yet, it all seems strangely familiar – the queues, the crowds, the delays, the … But with my renewed faith in travel, I’m sure it will all go smoothly again this time, that is once my plane actually gets here!


going on a journey …

August 6, 2008

Well I’m about to embark on a journey and a long journey at that. That’s great, you might say, wish I was going somewhere. But no, it’s not all so great really. Yes I love travelling, I love seeing different places, experiencing different cultures, tasting new foods, meeting new people and just immersing myself in another way of life. And if I could just click my fingers and get there in like a nano second I’d be eternally grateful. But no, it doesnt work like that, does it?

First there’s the getting up early thing, and when I say early I mean like really early, before the birds are even contemplating waking up early, just so that I can get to the airport with the required amount of time to spare ready and waiting to check in.

Checkin, there’s another thing, nowadays it seems that they need 3 hours for you to join a queue, show them your passport (no ticket of course, not in this age of e-tickets) be asked the standard “did you pack your case yourself” questions, and then wave your case goodbye in the vain hope that you might actually meet up with it again at the other side!

Ok, so checkin is completed, you then have security to face. Yes I’m one of those people that they always choose to examine more closely, or empty out my bag that I carefully packed the night before. Why? Who knows! So you throw away your bottle of water because that’s not allowed any more, and then you join another snake-like queue along with everyone else. Once you get to the scanners, you have to show them your little plastic bag with any liquids you might have & try not to look guilty as you go through the metal detectors. (Why is it that I always feel guilty anyway?)

Hopefully you make it through all of this fairly smoothly and so there you are, through to departures, faced with shops selling all those things you werent allowed to bring through in your hand luggage. You’ve probably still got 2 hours to waste before your flight, but they’re hoping you’ll spend lots of money whilst you wait! But at least a flight is in sight, well almost 😉

So what with all of this before you even set foot on an aircraft, it’s amazing if you’re not already feeling a little stressed and wishing you could just curl up in a ball and sleep through the rest of it.

I’m hoping it will all go like clockwork, that I’ll be feeling bright & breezy by the time I sit down on my seat onboard and prepare for take-up. But if I’m honest, I dont expect that to be the case. Another side of me is dreading it and wishing I could really give that clicking the fingers thing a go!

I’ll post again once I get there, if you’re interested …

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